3 Tips for Effective Bulk SMS Marketing Message

Bulk SMS Marketing Message

An effective bulk sms marketing message generates more response. 1. Start the message with the benefit or purpose of the message. 2. Mention an amazing offer or discount. 3. End the message with a call for action with an appropriate response channel. Example Message 1: Send critical and urgent messages IN ONE GO instantly at any time. Try a 1,000 credits FREE DEMO … [Read more...]

SMS marketing campaigns fail with acquired mobile number databases

SMS marketing campaigns fail with acquired mobile number databases

Bulk SMS marketing is one of the effective means to reach masses by sending text messages to people's personal mobile phones. Businesses can buy mobile number databases from database vendors or cultivate their own contact lists. The results are literally hopeless when they use bought databases for SMS marketing campaigns. Also there are serious setbacks in acquiring those … [Read more...]

Demerits of buying mobile number database for bulk SMS marketing

Mobile Number Database

Many business owners wish to acquire a big list of mobile numbers of people who are most likely to purchase their product or service (mobile number database of target customers). The owners believe that they can generate prospective business leads when they conduct bulk SMS marketing campaigns (sending large numbers of SMS messages to mobile phone handsets) with those targeted … [Read more...]

Bulk SMS Example Messages

Bulk SMS Example Messages

The website BulkSMS1.com has been updated with the real time example messages (bulk sms example/sample templates) being used by various organisations based on many categories like schools, colleges, training institutes, couriers and logistics, tours and travels, greetings, wishes, invitations, etc. Visit Examples page to have a look. Also visit Applications page for area … [Read more...]

Bulk SMS drives automobile industry to increase sales

Bulk SMS drives automobile industry to increase sales

"I appreciate my auto dealer post sale service. We are getting details more than what we expected even after the purchase. Vehicle service reminders, vehicle insurance renewal reminders, and offer messages to our mobile made our life more comfortable," says Suguna, a car owner in Bangalore. Word of mouth plays a very important role in promoting brands. Customers will come … [Read more...]

Bulk SMS to end information hungriness of banking customers

Bulk SMS for Banks

Today, customers of every bank are eager to have updated information about their bank account and banking services. It’s a basic customer right to have access to accurate bank transaction information. Currently, many banks have separate resources to handle customer relationship. This model is very expensive for the banks. This system is not customer friendly as it expects t … [Read more...]

Bulk SMS helps insurance companies

Bulk SMS helps insurance companies

Insurance companies provide a guarantee of money compensation for specified loss, damage, illness, or death in return for payment of a specified premium for a specified term. Risk management companies are facing issues in effective customer management, which can lead to backlog and financial loss. Communication is the key to a successful business. Insurance companies are … [Read more...]

Bulk SMS, Drives School to Parents

Bulk SMS for Schools

"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world." - Nelson Mandela. True. We all know Education is a ladder to climb out of poverty and school is the place where children are educated. Parents' participation and interest in school education leads children to a bright future. A robust and constant communication is required between school and … [Read more...]

3 Key Ingredients of an Effective SMS Marketing Campaign

SMS Marketing Campaign

Start the message with the benefit of the product or service being promoted. There are many people who are not in need of the product/service promoted at that point of time. They may delete the message immediately after reading it. Interested people continue reading. Our goal is to identify the prospective buyers and it’s achieved. This feature serves the purpose of grabbing t … [Read more...]