Bulk SMS, Drives School to Parents

Bulk SMS for Schools“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” – Nelson Mandela.

True. We all know Education is a ladder to climb out of poverty and school is the place where children are educated. Parents’ participation and interest in school education leads children to a bright future. A robust and constant communication is required between school and parents to enrich the child’s learning.

School can communicate with parents about different aspects to ensure children avail most out of the education system, like

  • By sending student performance reports
  • By conducting parents teacher meetings
  • By releasing newsletters
  • By sending personalized letters
  • Having personal appointments with parents

Even though having many communication channels, school and parents communication lack because of various reasons. Technology plays an important role here. A simple, efficient, fast, easy, user friendly, new concept Bulk SMS bridges the communication gap between school and parents. This robust mobile bulk messaging system can deliver the messages instantly irrespective of location and time.

School may send common messages in bulk w.r.t admissions, meetings, holidays, school trip, and greeting messages, etc., or personalized/customized messages about attendance, marks, emergency meetings, projects, school bus arrival and departure time, homework assignments, child’s progress and behavior, etc.,

Few real time message templates used by schools are:

  • Dear Parents, we are looking forward for your participation in tomorrow’s program at 10 am, do come. -Vidya School.
  • Dear Parents, school reopens from 12th of May. -Vidya Kids.
  • Dear Parents, homework for this week, Pattern Writing Book – Pg No. 18, Writing Book – Pg No. 12, Art & Craft Book – Pg No. 6. -Vidya Preschool.
  • Dear Parents, Orientation Program & Seminar on Child Psychology on 23rd Aug 2014, Time: 10am – 12pm, Venue: School Auditorium. -Vidya Academy.
  • Dear Santosh, your material is up on our website. Download the same and spread the word across. -Vidya Coaching Centre.
  • Your Wealth Management Assessment 2 is scheduled on 1st Feb 2014. Passing percentage: 70% marks. Prepare well. Wish you Goodluck. -Vidya Training.
  • Vidya Study Circle invites you for Lecture on J&K Realities, by veteran speaker Shri Kiran kumar of Vidya Study Circle, on Mon 25 Aug, 6pm, Dadar W Sawarkar Hall.
  • Dear Parents, on account of Ramzan, school will remain closed tomorrow. Principal, -Vidya Boys School.
  • Dear Parents, school reopening date for classes LKG & UKG has been rescheduled to 11-Jun-14 (Wednesday). Kindly contact school office for assistance. -Vidya Kids.
  • Dear Parents, deposit annual dues of your ward for the session 2013-14 with fine. Please ignore if already paid. -Vidya Dental College.
  • Dear Parents, admission open for academic year 2014. Please contact school office for further details. -Vidya School.

Note: “Vidya” is a fictitious name used in the above templates for illustration purpose.

Receiving these handy messages from school will update parents about school/child’s progress or achievements and makes parents life a lot easier and comfortable. Also it’s a value added service offered by many schools to parents.

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