3 Key Ingredients of an Effective SMS Marketing Campaign

SMS Marketing Campaign

SMS Marketing Campaign

Start the message with the benefit of the product or service being promoted. There are many people who are not in need of the product/service promoted at that point of time. They may delete the message immediately after reading it. Interested people continue reading. Our goal is to identify the prospective buyers and it’s achieved. This feature serves the purpose of grabbing the attention of the interested group of people.

Give one excellent offer/discount to buy your product. This is the incentive you are offering for the prospective buyers to contact you instead of your competitors.

Clearly mention the call for action. It’s very important to guide them what they have to do if they are interested in your product. You can ask them to call you, sms you, or visit your website after reading the message based on your strategy.

Here’s one of the messages we use in our campaigns:

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Track all the possible variables like the target audience, number of messages sent, time of message delivery, type of benefit offered, call of action option, etc. You learn from the campaign and repeat the campaign with the new knowledge. By this way you will learn in few tries how to organize successful bulk sms campaigns.