Pharmaceutical Company uses Bulk Messaging Service to interact with its Distributors, Agents, Stockists, and Doctors

Pharmtak OphthalmicsPharmtak Ophthalmics is a Mumbai based pharmaceutical company in ophthalmic segment. It’s a dynamic, multi dimensional and professionally organized company, having Pan-India presence with sales offices at Mumbai, New Delhi, and Agra and a very sound distribution network comprising of more than 35 distributors/C&F agents and over 600 stockists.

There was a need to communicate with its distributors, agents, stockists, and doctors. The need was varying based on to whom the messages deliver. The company had to send details of the events like Annual Conference of All India Ophthalmological Society. It had to send invoice number, amount, and payment details at certain times. At sometimes there was a need to announce the launch of new products. It was good to send New Year messages to all its associates. The need for the type of messages was plenty.

Pharmtak partnered with to meet the above needs.

Some of the actual messages being used by the company are as follows.

Example 1:
Dear Doctor, we are pleased to inform you that *** Annual Conference of All India Ophthalmological Society is going to be held at Cochin, Date: ***. Regards, Team Pharmtak.

Example 2:
Dear Sir, Invoice No. *** for Rs. *** sent to you. Total O/S as on date is Rs. ***. Deposit payments at an earliest possible time. Regards, Team Pharmtak.

Example 3:
Dear Executive, we are pleased to launch our new product *** tablets in dispersible form. Make a market survey of existing brands and forward to H.O. Regards, Team Pharmtak.

Example 4:
We declare an incentive of Rs. *** per vial on sales of our leading Lubricant *** wef date: ***. Regards, Team Pharmtak.

Example 5:
Dear Executive, we have deposited your Salary + Expenses cheque for the month of *** in your *** Bank Account. Regards, Team Pharmtak.

Note: *** will be replaced with the variables like name, number, amount, date, etc.

Pharmtak uses both promotional as well as informational messages in order to communicate with their staff and clients. Since the messages sent to many people in go it saves the manpower, time and money.

Pharmtak Ophthalmics was founded in 1987 by Late Shri Narendra Agarwal, Founder Chairman. Now it’s one of the leading and fastest growing pharmaceutical companies in India. Mr. Bharat Narendra Agarwal is the Managing Director & CEO of the company. The company believes that the manpower is the most valuable asset and its efficient management is the key to success in achieving the its goals. All products are promoted on ethical basis by qualified and trained field staff and cater about 8000 ophthalmologists and ENT specialists all over India. PHARMTAK products are highly accepted by leading Eye and ENT specialists, institutions, and hospitals across the country and stand with a high repute in the Indian market.

The company provides high quality ophthalmic formulations. All PHARMTAK products are manufactured under high quality control with WHO-GMP and ISO standards under technical supervision of experts in production and quality assurance who are qualified, competent and responsible pharmacists, microbiologists, and chemists.